Protect your home’s
septic tank with
this exclusive offer from

Micsky Excavating

and Land Improvement Contractors of America (LICA) & ADP Management Associates

The Details


New and existing Septic Systems (Repair or Replacement of tanks, distribution boxes, leaching lines, inlets and outlets)


One Year


The system must be inspected & pumped at customer expense by approved inspector prior to protection plan approval. The system must be pumped and a visual inspection performed at customer expense once every 5 years. The plan is transferable to a new homeowner. 60 day waiting period prior to first claim.

Major Exclusions:

Negligence, abuse, rust, corrosion, liability to a Third Party, costs incurred in gaining access to or closing access from a covered item, damage to the physical structure of the residence, cesspools, seepage pits.

About LICA:

The Land Improvement Contractors of America is an organization of earth moving contractors who care about the environment. Concerned contractors who worked to conserve the land and water resources started LICA in 1950. Today we have members and state chapters coast to coast. Their conservation ethic has continued to be and will continue to be the hallmark of LICA.

For over sixty years, LICA contractors have paved the way for our country’s growth and expansion. Our contractors provide a wide range of services: grading, excavating, drainage, landscaping, paving, wetland development and site preparation just to name a few. They work in cities, on farms, ranches and in rural areas. They work with dedication and commitment to the professional conservation of soil and water. You should always choose a LICA Contractor, for all your construction needs. Look for the familiar LICA triangle proudly displayed on our equipment.

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About ADP Management Associates:

ADP Management Associates is the managing entity for ADP Statewide Insurance Agencies. ADP is one of the largest independent insurance agencies in the state of New Jersey. It is the continuing organization for a group of insurance agencies which has been serving the NJ/NY/PA regions for over 65 years. ADP Management is also involved in developing and administering national affinity programs for various groups .

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